About Smoothosting Ltd.


About the Company

Smoothosting Ltd. was launched in March of 2008 and started offering Web Hosting services mainly for UK businesses, it grew at a steady pace and worked closely with all its customers to get services improved and expanded.

In mid 2009 we started to offer services for individuals that mainly wanted to host forums and blogs at low prices.

While in the process of the country reparing the finance difficulty Smoothosting has helped many start-up businesses setup themselves online. We have provided much probono work in terms of web design and free web hosting accounts to businesses that start from scratch. At the same time, we have reduced prices for all of our products.

A wide range of servers are now being hosted by Smoothosting for all of its customers worldwide, from Virtual Machines to Fully Managed Dedicated Servers, we now have Data Centres in several places around the world such as: UK, USA, France, Germany, Sweden.

The company keeps growing while it keeps running and it is thanks to this growth that we are able to provide very competitive (if not better) prices, we always take care of all of our customers as if they were our friends, we believe that being friendly and yet professional to our customers creates good trust..


Abouts it's People

Smoothosting was started by David Brown.

David Brown a BSc (Computer Science) graduate, decided to invest his time in learning as much as he could about computers and networks, with the knowledge he gathered through time, he was ready professional to go ahead and invest himself into his business ideas. With very successful partnerships and a sourceful background he managed to make his dreams come true. The dream of being able to supply services people and businesses need.

With very close relationships to big corporations such as Dell, Microsoft, Redhat and Government Institutions he was able to create a stable, efficient and economical system for his customers.